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  • Employment concept

    Morality, wisdom, teamwork, passion

    Morality foremost:“Morality first and capacity second” is our employment standard. “If you have morality but no talent, the morality can be applied; if you have both morality and talent, you can be put in an important position; if you have talent but no morality, it is difficult to apply the talent.”
    Teamwork:One drop of water is tiny; a magnificent upsurge rises after its afflux into ocean. A grain of soil is tiny; a high mountain can be towering. The strength of individual is weak; he or she can succeed in an excellent team following its growth.

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    Employment policy

    Cause keeps talents; environment keeps talents; remuneration keeps talents; affection keeps talents

    We favor “cause keeps talents”: We devote ourselves to enlarging our cause, building a larger platform and offering more opportunities for excellent talents of the company to achieve their value. At the same time, we attract more talents to join us. We emphasize “environment keeps talents”: through modeling the enterprise culture “continuous progress, keep improving”, positive talent environment is created in the company.

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    Career development

    No pains, no gains

    The ocean grows bigger for welcoming every stream; the mountain becomes higher for accepting every dust. For achievement, everyone must accumulate knowledge and experience. Without conscientious efforts, success will not be enjoyed. Without diligent research, great achievements will not be got. No pains, no gains. Please join us and make progress with successful people. You will achieve a successful life for certain!



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